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I just got yet another phone call from a marketer who paid good money for my name and phone number as a lead who is “looking for a way to make part time income from home.” Exact words! I wrote them down because I wanted to drop everything and write a blog post on it.

I am already making FULL TIME income from home and I’m NOT looking for another income opportunity! The poor girl has been ripped off. So has the many hopeful network marketers who bought my son Brandon’s name as a lead. I get postcards every week for him. Guess WHAT!! Brandon hasn’t lived here in 10 years!! They are still selling his name as a lead.

I admit, I have bought my share of leads over my years in this industry. I know from experience the leads are usually bad. A long time ago I decided I would not ever buy network marketing leads again.

It really makes me flaming mad that unscrupulous lead companies are ripping people off with leads that are not really leads. They go online and get info on network marketers, then sell that information as leads to people who have a dream to improve their life. When their efforts fail because they are not working effectively in their business, they drop out thinking that it is the network marketing industry or their company that is at fault.

For several years I have been teaching people how to generate their own leads. Lately I am on a mission to get people to hear that message. You DON’T need to buy leads. There are plenty of ways to generate your own real leads. That’s one thing I love about MyLeadSystemPro. They are the best Attraction Marketing System and Training on the planet.

I wish I had found MyLeadSystemPro 14 years ago when I first began with my primary company. It would have made things go much faster. I have been teaching similar things to my downline for several years but not on the scale they can learn from MyLeadSystemPro. I am giddy with delight that I discovered what they were all about. I thank my good friend Diane Hochman for putting me on to them. Now I have the best tools to share with my team.

I have built a great full time business in network marketing and I really love to help other people experience it for themselves. With MyLeadSystemPro I know we will be helping so many more people, not only survive this economy but actually thrive.

Hey, if you want to try out MyLeadSystemPro, you can take a 14 day trial. I’m sure you will be as impressed as I am. With 16 years in the network marketing industry, I have seen a lot and very little impresses me. I’m sure that’s why it took someone like Diane Hochman to wake me up to MyLeadSystemPro. Let me tell you, I AM IMPRESSED!!


These days, with the economy the way it is, there are more and more people in scarcity mode. Take a moment to listen when you are among groups of people. You will hear people talking about gas prices, inflation, job security, and the list goes on.

One thing that disturbs me is that I am hearing some network marketers talk from scarcity thinking. This is detrimental to your business. I have heard some say people are broke and can’t afford products.

This is NOT the time to be caught up in scarcity mindset. Don’t you realize people need what we have with network marketing? People are looking for answers. Many are looking to supplement their income. Thinking that people can’t afford to buy is pretty much insuring that you will never have any success in your business.

The network marketing industry thrives in economic down times. Smart network marketers will position themselves in front of those who are online searching for ways to supplement their income. Those who are applying Attraction Marketing will be ahead of the game.

Attraction Marketing is something I have been applying in my business and teaching my downline since I started with my primary company 14 years ago. I called it Remote Marketing. Nowadays we call it Attraction Marketing. ;)

I had used conventional network marketing in a prior company and hated it. I knew there had to be a better way. I started thinking about how conventional businesses operate. They don’t do 3 way calls on their list of 100 friends and family. They don’t stalk people in the mall. They DO promote their business with lots of free and paid advertising.

OH, by the way, I recently started using and recommending MyLeadSystemPro. They are the number one trainers of Attraction Marketing on the planet. I have seen a lot and spent a lot of money on training over the years. They are the best.

They teach you how to generate YOUR OWN LEADS rather than buying leads. Believe me, I have bought a lot of leads over the years too. I have found that the only leads that are any good are the ones I generate through Attraction Marketing – using marketing techniques to get people to come to me.

Anyway, Now is the time to GET SERIOUS! You can’t afford the luxury of playing around at being in business. I love how Eric Worre ends his videos: Become a Network Marketing Professional and go out and tell the world because it is a stone cold fact that we have a better way!

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