Hi! My name is Melodie Kantner. I have been thinking about writing a blog about building home based business for a while. I have been working out of my home for over 14 years. The past 12 years with one network marketing company. Throughout all of those years I have studied with a variety of success trainers.

A lot of the things taught in old school network marketing just don’t fit with everyone’s style. My intent in writing this blog is to help people that are not naturally gifted in sales, build a successful home based business, particularly in network marketing – mlm, but many principles can be applied to any business.

One of the first steps for success in anything is to learn and get better. I like that quotation at the top of the page:

“Network Marketing is the best business to be in for personal growth because your business can only grow to the same level that you do.”

People who are successful in this business are always learning and improving in their skills. Attending whatever events your company offers is one way. I also recommend listening to as many audios as you can. In the beginning my favorite motivational speaker was Jim Rohn. I wore out my tapes and had to replace them on CDs. To this day I still listen to all kinds of audios to keep motivated, to learn new skills and to keep charged up about my business.

It is my hope that you will apply what you learn here and build a successful business.

Let’s get started!