For the past three weeks a little bird has been flirting with his reflection in my office windows. He starts early in the morning and does this all day until dark. He flutters, he taps and he flirts with the bird that is his reflection. He even brings worms and tries to feed that bird he thinks he is flirting with.

As I watch this little bird I am amazed at how persistent he is. We can learn a couple things from this little bird.

    Lesson 1. Even though what he is doing is not working, he keeps persistently trying again. Persistence is an extremely important quality we all need as business owners. We all have setbacks it’s what we do when those setbacks happen that will determine how successful we will be. Will we keep giving it another try or will we sit down and give up.

    Here are a couple Napoleon Hill quotes on persistence:
    “Lack of persistence is one of the major causes of failure.”

    “Those who have cultivated the habit of persistence seem to enjoy
    insurance against failure”

    Lesson 2. If we are persistently doing the wrong thing, we will make no progress in our business. The little bird just won’t give up but he is never going to reach that bird in the reflection. It’s an illusion. In our business, we need to analyze what we are doing to make sure we are not persistently chasing an illusion.

4 Ways we could be chasing an illusion:

  • Jumping from one network marketing company to another thinking if you move on you will have success in the next company. Sadly, I see this one all the time. People just don’t stick with one company. I realize that you might not find the right fit with the first company you are with but most people don’t even give it enough time to find out.

    I stuck with my first network marketing company for 2 years before I decided it was not the right company for me. The company I am with today, I have been with for 14 years now.

  • Thinking you will have success in your network marketing business without promoting your business. You will NOT have success if you don’t promote your business. It’s just that simple. You need to massively promote your business and I mean promote in the right way.

    Think about how conventional businesses promote their business. They don’t make a list of 100 friends and family and hit them up. They do advertising and promotion. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t sell to your friends and family but there are simply better ways to do it than is often taught in “old school” network marketing.

    Because of my shyness, I looked for ways to get my information out there and get people to come to me. That takes the SCARY out of marketing. I was always directing people to my web sites. I set up things for them to go through on my web sites. Things like newsletters, autoresponders, audios and ways to contact me. Now I also do videos and social media.

  • Thinking internet marketing is a magic bullet – Many people are playing around online doing pretty much nothing but thinking they are building a business. You must be actively doing things online if you want success. Create valuable content that links to your website. You must do things to get your web site noticed. If you don’t promote your web site, it will be like an uncharted island in the ocean. No one will ever find it.

  • Working on your business in a hit and miss fashion – Persistence means doing daily tasks in your business. Some days you will do more than other days but on those days when you can’t do much, you should always be doing a few basic tasks like checking email.

    I had one woman call me and tell me she wanted to join my company under me because I was the only one who responded to her email out of 12 people she tried to contact to answer her questions. I was stunned when she told me that.

    She had done a Google search and was looking for a good sponsor. These 12 people have web sites online but they aren’t acting like serious business people.

The list could go on but you get the idea. There are plenty of ways to learn good marketing skills and success mindset.

Be like a postage stamp and stick with it until you get there!

Wow!! Where did the year go? Just a few days and it will be the start of another new year.

January has always been a time of new beginnings for my business. I don’t mean jumping into another company. I’m talking about looking at where you have been and making any changes necessary to keep moving forward. Make a business plan for the next year.

January, 14 years ago, I started with my current network marketing company. 13 years ago, also in January, I started writing my first newsletter. I still publish that newsletter to this day. It is the core of my business.

It’s that time of year again. A few days away from January 2011. Time to reassess business and make a plan for 2011. This year also has new things in store. I have a new Ebook coming out on “Emotional Freedom Technique for Network Marketers,” I also have a new email newsletter coming out in January. I am still thinking of a name for the newsletter but I am leaning toward, Esteem Power. It will be centered around building your self esteem and confidence with EFT and other related tools.

There will also be many new things in store for all who are involved with Home and Small Business Network. If you haven’t checked into Home and Small Business Network yet, I really encourage you to do so. The site will be unveiling more and more tools and training for business owners. Not only home business owners but any kind of business.

“Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you ready or not, to put this plan into action.” — Napoleon Hill

That is one of many great quotes from Napoleon Hill. If you haven’t read his book “Think and Grow Rich” I highly recommend you add that to your list of books to read in 2011. It’s a book that should be read multiple times.

A Few Ideas For Making A Plan for 2011

Evaluate the Past
First look at the past year or even several years but especially the past year. What have you accomplished already? What has worked and what has not?

Make a list of things that went well and some things that didn’t work out so well.

Spend a little time reflecting on the good things that happened. How could you expand on those in the new year. Make a few notes on things that you would like to expand on. Look at the things that didn’t work out so well. Are there things you should eliminate or can adjustments be made to make those things work out better?

Make A Plan for 2011
Now that you have analyzed the previous year, what will you do with 2011? Decide what you want to accomplish this year. What kind of training and personal development will you include in your plan?

What will you do to increase your business? How will you improve on your marketing skills and what will you do to implement. Think about where you want to be at the end of 2011. Write that down. Then make a list of all the things you plan to do to get there.

Writing all of this down is very important. It helps you have a direction for the year. Keep a copy of both the analyzing of the previous year and the plan for next year. It is really empowering to look back at the things you have accomplished in the past and how far you have come, especially when you have the notes for several years. You can see your growth over the years which is such a confidence booster.

There is a quote: “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” I don’t know who said it but it is true. Start thinking about your plan for the next year. Spend a little time with it and and enjoy the pricess.

Leave a comment and share your ideas for 2011.

Wishing you an Abundantly Successful 2011,

Those who want milk don’t just sit in a field and wait for a cow to back up to them.” – Author Unknown

That is my all time favorite quote. I first heard it over 12 years ago on a conference call. It cracked me up back then and it still makes me smile. The illustration is so ridiculous yet so appropriate.

If you want milk you have to do something to get it. Action is required. These days you can go to the store so its pretty easy.

Sadly many people approach their business as though they were sitting in a field waiting for something to happen. I guess they are hoping osmosis will kick in and things will just happen.

They start their network marketing business with a glimmer in their eye. “One day I’ll retire from the drudgery of a job,” or “I will earn a thousand or so to supplement my income”, or “I’ll earn enough to cover a car payment.”

Remember that feeling? You learned about how network marketing worked and bought into the dream. The problem is, far too many sign up as distributors but they don’t take any action. They just wait for something to happen.

Network marketing is a business that you can fulfill your dreams. You can open up unimaginable freedom and lifestyle changes but . . .

. . . one thing is required. Well, actually a few things are required but they all require ACTION!!

Here are 3 ways to help keep yourself motivated for action:

  • 1. Know Your WHY -This is really important. Recently I heard someone say your why should be big enough to make you cry. Mine sure did. Even still I can get choked up when I tell my story of how I got started. It needs to be emotional and inspiring. Although others will benefit from your cause, it has to be about you.

    Example: My why was freedom: emotionally, financially and freedom from health problems – I was financially in trouble and I was suffering from suicidal depression. At that time I was exposed to medicinal grade essential oils. My sponsor, who knew I was in bad shape brought some oils over for me to try. Within minutes of trying an oil blend, I was lifted out of that depression to such a point that I was giggling and dancing around the house. My son came home, not knowing what had happened, asked if I was “On something.” That was life changing for me.

    Having been in network marketing already but not feeling a good fit, I realized this was the company for me. This could, not only help my husband’s health issues, but also the financial mess we were in. We live in the poorest county in Ohio, my husband had lost his job of over 20 years. He had serious health issues and had been in the hospital. We were in a desperate situation. Being over 40, it was difficult for Mark to find a decent job so we both ended up doing all kinds of things but not making ends meet.

    Freedom from all that mess was my HUGE WHY!

  • 2. Focus Daily on your WHY – When you are doing that, make sure you think deeply for a few minutes and let yourself access the emotion under it. This is VERY important. You’ll find motivation if you focus on this why EVERY SINGLE DAY. Start your day with it so you set the tone for the day.
  • 3. Take Daily Action – Read books, listen to audios and conference calls, work on personal development, use at least 3-5 ways to promote your business, etc. Learn what you need to do and do something daily.

    Even if you take small steps in the beginning, keep stepping forward and making progress. Visualize, set goals, work on personal development, learn to be a good marketer and leader. Stick to it and have a DMO – Daily Method of Operation.

    If you stick to it and keep taking action, you won’t regret it.