Have you started building a list for your business? Building a list is a very important asset for your business. If you want your business running on autopilot it is vital that you build your list. Well, maybe I shouldn’t call it autopilot. No business runs totally on autopilot. Even on autopilot there are things you have to do to keep the business going. If you have a list you have to market your newsletter or blog, write content and blog posts, respond to emails, contact the new customers and distributors, etc. You know what I mean.

The thing about having a list is that when people come to your web site they can subscribe to your list. Having a web site and a list means my business is building while I sleep, play or whatever I am doing. Even when I was sick for a month last year my business was growing and people were subscribing to my newsletter. I wrote my newsletter and sent it out.

In the beginning of my marketing career, I did most of my marketing offline. I started my first online newsletter, Grade A Notes, in 1999. Grade A Notes is a monthly newsletter on therapeutic grade essential oils.

I had the idea that it would be good to have people come to my web site subscribe to my newsletter. Then as I wrote the newsletter every month, I would be giving value to both potential customers, current customers and distributors.

I had read several marketing and sales books that people usually need to hear something 7 times before they act on it. That’s what got me thinking how important a newsletter would be, so I set my web site up with an email subscribe form and started ALL my marketing to get people to subscribe to my newsletter.

That was before I knew anything about blogs. I’m not sure what year blogging started becoming popular. Today I have several blogs as well as my original monthly email newsletter. One of my blogs is the one you are reading this article on. This blog is written from 17 years experience in network marketing profession building a full time business. If I can do it others can too.

In my experience, my newsletters and blogs are my number one tool for success.

There are several reasons why building a list is powerful:

Besides the autopilot aspect of a web site and a list . . .

1. Keep in contact

    • – When people who come to your web site subscribe to your list, you can keep in touch with them. They may not order products right away but if you can contact them with updates or tips of value, you will keep reminding them of things you have. When they are ready to order or get involved in the business, they will remember you. If you don’t have a list, you basically have only one shot at getting them involved in either product or the business.

2. Build a relationship – People will buy from or join with someone they know and trust. If you are going to expand past your warm market, you need a way for people to get to know and feel comfortable with you.

3. Provide value – The things you share in your blog or newsletter should be helpful to people. If you have a product related newsletter, show how to get the most benefits from the product. For example: If you are like me, a distributor for therapeutic grade essential oils, you have loads of topics to write essential oil tips about. The ways to use essential oils are almost endless.


I often hear distributors say they don’t know enough to write a blog or a newsletter. Try writing the newsletter from a standpoint of sharing what you have learned. I still do that to this day, even though I have been with my company for over 15 years. I am always learning new ways to use essential oils. Since many of you who are following my blogs are essential oil distributors I am speaking to you.

If you are building a list through a blog, you can build it via the RSS feed but the best way is to set up a subscriber list on an autoresponder service like Aweber. With a subscriber list on Aweber, you can send your blog post to the list but you can also give your subscribers extra things that you don’t share on the blog. It also has web forms so people can easily enter their email address and get your messages get sent to their email address.

With Aweber you can have multiple lists. Once you have customers and distributors in your downline, those people should also be on another list. I have lists for my downline. One is for product related updates and tips, one is for distributors building a business.

Always direct people to your lists.

If you haven’t started your list, why not get started today.

You never know when you are going to have an opportunity to stir up some interest in your product or the business opportunity you represent. I have never been one who could approach strangers and start talking about my business or products. Maybe you feel uncomfortable with that too. Most of us feel that way.

There is a way to make talking with strangers feel natural and comfortable. If you approach every stranger as a friend you haven’t met yet and just smile and say “HI!”

The key is to ALWAYS BE READY! Always ready to connect with people. That begins with being friendly and having a warm approachable energy that you sending out.

When you are standing in a line at the grocery store or sitting in a waiting room or a variety of other places, there are often opportunities to stir interest in your product or business opportunity. Are you aware and watching for these opportunities?

There are 3 things that will help you attract prospects wherever you go:

1. Have a warm friendly smile on your face.

2. Be conversational with people around you. Look people in the eye and say “Hello. How are you today?” Just be friendly and talk to people. If you appear stressed out and closed off, people will not want to talk. You will also find it difficult to talk to them. You must truly be in a warm and friendly mood. If not, you will repel people rather than attract them.

3. Use a product in front of people. Does your company have a hand lotion or some other product that you could use in front of people? For those of us who market essential oils, this is a super easy tool. I carry an oils pouch and often open it and apply an oil in front of people. My favorites are the ones that are mood uplifting. People will comment on how great it smells and I tell them, “I need an emotional pick me up.” Then I wait for more questions. If I feel more chatty I often ask if they are familiar with medicinal grade essential oils.

Does your company have any products that work well to use in front of people? Another option is an article of clothing, jewelry or accessory with a company slogan or a product slogan. I remember a wonderful pin we used to have that said, “May the Immupower be with you!” That one was great for getting people to ask questions. People were constantly asking what that meant. It was an easy opening for a conversation.

Think about what your company has that you can use to generate questions and have something prepared to say when people ask questions.

When you get a spark of interest, make sure you are prepared to share a brochure other marketing piece with your web site address on it. It’s best if you can also get their phone number but at least get something in their hands.

I particularly like the info newspapers that have third party articles related to your field. Sound Concepts is one company that produces these newspapers and other tools for several companies. Check with your upline to see what is available for your products.

There is a spot on the back page to put your contact information. Don’t forget to do this. Be sure to include your web site address.

Well, there you have it. There are lots more but hopefully these ideas will help you get the wheels turning. Have fun!!

Here we are again starting another December. This is the 14th December in my primary network marketing company. Very early in my network marketing career I saw the need to keep momentum going through the months that most people let their business activity slow down or even come to a complete halt. One of the biggest times some go inactive is through the holiday season.

Slowing down your business activity during the holiday season is a HUGE mistake.


    • 1. Smart, professional network marketers know that

December is actually the month you should be picking up the pace and getting ready for the best time of the year for business.

This is the time many are thinking about increasing their income and are making goals for the new year. This actually starts on the 26th of December but January is a HUGE month for attracting new distributors. People go online and start searching for business opportunities. This is another reason you are insane if you aren’t learning how to improve your online marketing skills.

2. While so many network marketers are snoozing in their business, it is much easier for you to get noticed, especially if you have been learning attraction marketing skills.

3. Most people are more involved with social events and getting together with friends and family. This can present all kinds of opportunities to share your products or the business. Have you prepared a very brief “30 second commercial“?

If you slow down or stop business activities for large blocks of time, you backslide. If you are serious about building a successful network marketing business, you will be consistently working through ALL months. This is the way we make progress. Some months we make small steps forward and some we make large leaps.