Blogging is an inexpensive easy way to get your information out to people. If you have a replicated web site with your network marketing company, blogging is even more important. You can link to your replicated site in your blog.

There are several free blog tools available. With Blogger, you easily set up and be blogging in no time.

Blog about things you are experiencing with your company and products, things you learn that could help your team build their business and company news, news articles that apply to your business or product.

Blogs that offer information that people can use and benefit from will be most successful. Offer help that people will be able to use.

Be consistent and regular about posting things to your blog. One benefit of blogging is building rapport and credibility. As people get to know you, they will want to get involved in whatever company you are with.

Subscribe to things your upline publish so you can get ideas of things to post in your own blogs. Get permission to repost things they have published. When you quote someone, be sure to give them credit or link to them.