I like to use drop cards as one of my offline marketing techniques. Dollar Cards have intrigued me since I first saw them. I still have the one that was given to me years ago. Folded in half it looks like a $100 bill. On the back it has your business contact info.

The Cards from Dollar Card Marketing are much nicer. They make realistic looking $5, $10, $20, and $100 dollar bill drop cards for businesses. Drop cards and sizzle cards grab people’s attention quickly and keep it! These cards do NOT get thrown away.

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Your business card can be an powerful marketing tool, especially if you take advantage of the space on the back of the card. I like to use Drop Cards but I also make sure my business card acts as a Drop Card. It should do more than just give contact info. A really good business card can stir curiosity and motivate a prospect to do something. I like to get them to one of my web sites where they are likely to subscribe to my newsletter and request information.

So what do you put on the back of your business card? There are a variety of options. One idea is to put an offer for a free report on the back of the card.

Other ideas:

Coupon or discount offer
Before/after photos
Something funny
Product Comparison Chart
Courses you teach
An autoresponder training course
Entertaining or useful websites
Favorite quotation
Fuller description of what you do
Humorous anecdote
Product uses
Public speaking tips
Reasons to purchase NOW
Reflexology chart
List of services
Frequently Asked Questions

You should ALWAYS have business cards ready and and quickly available to pass out.  Give extras to friends and family who would be willing to pass out cards for you.

Below is an example of a card I made up on Vista Print.  Once I picked out a template, it only took about 15 minutes to make up the front side. The back took a little longer.  You can use their templates like they are or you can alter them and create something different.

I love using Vista Print. You can make up business cards, post cards and lots of other neat things to promote your business. Their prices are really good.