I have been re-reading some of the books I read in the early days of my network marketing career. This morning I was reading the The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason.

The Richest Man in Babylon is one of my recommended reading books. This book has wisdom that applies to life, money and our network marketing business.

In the chapter, “Meet the Goddess of Good Luck,” the richest man is telling a group of men where real luck lies. Not in gambling tables or betting on horses but in real opportunity. He asks a man to tell of a time when real opportunity was within his grasp but he failed to grasp it.

The young man explains about the opportunity that came before him and how he shared the idea with his father. His father tells him to hurry because opportunity can slip away.

Enter the scene at the point where his father tells him to hurry. Read the paragraphs below and think about how it applies to our business opportunity.

‘Thou, my son,’ bespoke my father unto me, ‘art now in thy young manhood. It is my deep desire that thou begin the building of a valuable estate for myself that thou mayest become respected among men. I desire to see thou profit from a knowledge of the thoughtless mistakes of thy father.’ ” ‘

This do I most ardently desire, my father,’ I replied.

” ‘Then, this do I advise. Do what I should have done at thy age. From thy earnings keep out one-tenth to put into favorable investments. With this one-tenth of thy earnings and what it will also earn, thou canst, before thou art my age, accumulate for thyself a valuable estate.

‘ ” ‘Thy words are words of wisdom, my father. Greatly do I desire riches. Yet there are many uses to which my earnings are called. Therefore, do I hesitate to do as thou dost advise. I am young. There is plenty of time.’

” ‘So I thought at thy age, yet behold, many years have passed and I have not yet made the beginning.’

” ‘We live in a different age, my father. I shall avoid thy mistakes.’

” ‘Opportunity stands before thee, my son. It is offering a chance that may lead to wealth. I beg of thee, do not delay. Go upon the morrow to the son of my friend and bargain with him to pay ten percent of thy earnings into this investment. Go promptly upon the morrow. Opportunity waits for no man. Today it is here; soon it is gone. Therefore, delay not!’

“In spite of the advice of my father, I did hesitate. There were beautiful new robes just brought by the tradesmen from the East, robes of such richness and beauty my good wife and I felt we must each possess one. Should I agree to pay one-tenth of my earnings into the enterprise, we must deprive ourselves of these and other pleasures we dearly desired. I delayed making a decision until it was too late, much to my subsequent regret. The enterprise did prove to be more profitable than any man had prophesied. This is my tale, showing how I did permit good luck to escape.”

“In this tale we see how good luck waits to come to that man who accepts opportunity,” commented a swarthy man of the desert. “To the building of an estate there must always be the beginning. That start may be a few pieces of gold or silver which a man diverts from his earnings to his first investment. I, myself, am the owner of many herds. The start of my herds I did begin when I was a mere boy and did purchase with one piece of silver a young calf. This, being the beginning of my wealth, was of great importance to me.

That is such a good story. It applies to what we are intending to build.

Whatever network marketing company we are involved with, we have the same opportunity to either create something that will provide financial freedom, or we can be like this man who delayed and let opportunity slip through his fingers.

As he was buying robes, someone else grabbed the opportunity and built great wealth.

“Do not wait; the time will never be “just right.” Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” — Napoleon Hill

We have opportunity at our fingertips too. We are in a network opportunity where many have built great wealth, investing time, effort and money to build and advertise their business. Many have signed up for a network marketing opportunity but haven’t started building their business yet.

Will you grasp your opportunity or will you let it slip away? It’s entirely up to you.

There are four areas where you need to build belief:

  • Network Marketing or MLM Industry
  • Your Company & Your Products
  • Yourself and Your Ability to Achieve Your Goals
  • Your dreams

If you don’t have strong belief in these areas, you will not be able to succeed in your business.

Watch the video on building a strong belief.

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Wishing you Abundant Success,

Melodie Kantner

Who is responsible for your success? That’s the million dollar question that the majority of network marketers have the wrong answer to.


Some think success depends on the company – The company screwed up their product order or the compensation plan isn’t paying enough,  Or XYZ company has a antioxidant juice with a higher ORAC score, so they are on to another company in the never ending quest for success.


Some think success depends on their upline – Many times distributors have wanted to switch to my downline because their upline wasn’t helping. Occasionally I get phone calls of people interviewing me to be their possible sponsor. One woman asked me what I was going to do for her and insisted that I place people under her. Ha Ha Ha! I told her I place distributors under people who prove themselves worthy. She hung up.


People that want success handed to them will never experience success and the freedom that this business can bring.


So, What’s the Secret to Success? Baby It’s YOU!!!


You are responsible for your own success the same way I am responsible for my success. It doesn’t mater what company or product you sell or if you have a crummy upline or a really supportive upline, your success depends on YOU.


There is always a learning curve in any business. I have been in this industry for 14 years and I am STILL learning.


What amazes me is the way some distributors get into a company and act like, “I’m here! Where’s the MONEY?” Nobody actually says it that way but that’s the impression they give off. It’s like they are expecting the business to grow itself by osmosis.


YOU must learn the business. Learn about the company, its products and compensation plan. You need to get plugged into your upline’s system of supporting distributors. Subscribe to their newsletters. I have 3 newsletters for my primary company. One is for educating and prospecting toward product users. The other two newsletters are for my downline only. One is for customers and the other is for business builders. A serious professional business person will be subscribed to all three. Not only that, they will track upline and request to be subscribed to ALL support systems in their upline. 


YOU must learn prospecting and business building techniques. There are lots of people who have been successful in the business. Learn from them. Read books, subscribe to newsletters, listen to audios.


YOU must apply things you learn on a DAILY basis. Practice Practice Practice and get better at building your business.


YOU must persist.  Never Never Never give up.


My all time favorite quote: “Those who want milk don’t just sit in a field and wait for a cow to back up to them.

Success is within your grasp. Will you grab hold of it?


To Your Abundant Success,

Melodie Kantner