Or, as some people call it “Elevator Speech.”

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” – Oprah Winfrey

There are often opportunities throughout every day where you can generate interest in your business or products. The biggest reason people miss these opportunities is because they aren’t prepared.

The key is to BE PREPARED with a very brief statement to say when the opportunity presents itself.

What do you say when you meet someone and they ask, “What do you do?” This is where, in just a few words, you market yourself and your business in a way that is meant to prompt him or her to ask questions, and keep the conversation going. This is not meant to be a sales pitch. At this point, you are just determining interest.

Once interest is shown, keep it brief and share some literature with them. It should have your web site and phone number on it. Get a phone number so you can follow up.

Even if you are earning most of your income from a regular job, you will still want to answer the question about what you do with a mention of the business you are building on the side.
Write down what you want to say and go over it, removing unnecessary words or words that don’t feel comfortable.  Once you get your 30 Second Commercial written to the point where it fits you, practice it.

Practice, Practice, Practice. I used to walk around my house talking out loud. Try practicing in front of a mirror. Get it to the point where it flows easily.

A few possible ideas for comments:

I help others create additional income by promoting a natural health product that gives you more energy. Do you know anyone who would benefit from more energy?

I teach people how to work online from home. Who do you know who might want to learn to work online from home?

I am associated with a _________ that teaches people the proper methods to succeed in home business. we also teach people how to make money part time while maintaining their full time job.

“I am a distributor for ______________.
We also offer a complete business system for women who would like to learn how to earn a good part-time income working out of their home.”

“Do you know how many people today feel tired and have lots of aches and pains? – – wait for their reply then respond:
Well, I show people how they can have energy and feel better so they can do the things they love.”

“Do you know how many people worry about not having have enough time and money? – – wait for their reply then respond:

“Well, what I do is show them a simple way to earn an extra paycheck each month and have more free time to do the things they love.”

If you wear promotional items like a pin, hat or shirt that might stir a question.

A couple examples:

I used to have pins that said, “May the Immupower be with you!” It was one of my favorites. People would constantly ask me what that meant. It was a great opener.

Another one I saw years ago for a diet product said, “Fat Free, Ask Me!”

Use the promotional items that your company offers. Most companies promotional things you can wear. If they don’t, you can have something made up. Check out Vista Print and see what they offer.

Be prepared and always be watching for opportunities to share something to promote your business. Be in marketing mode wherever you go.

If you haven’t done it, go ahead and create your 30 second commercial. ; )

Many years ago I was listening to a company conference call. The speaker used a quotation that has stuck with me all these years.

“Those who want milk don’t just sit in a field and
wait for a cow to back up to them.”

I love the above quotation. I heard it several years ago & it has always stuck with me. It is funny but it is true. Sad to say, many people join a network marketing company & think that is all they need to do. There are always people hyping the “No Work Required” business opportunity. Don’t be fooled by that. There is no such thing.

People, let me tell you a secret to success in this business. . .
Treat it like a business & stick with it!!!

Actually, on second thought, maybe it would be better to treat your Network Marketing business like a JOB. Would your boss keep you around if you worked your job the way you work your Network Marketing business?

That reminds me of a wonderful article I have had in my files:

Do You Just Show Up at Your Job and Expect to Get Paid?”  by John H. Kirk

Five important things that will help you build a successful Business:

1. Familiarize yourself with the company and the products. Any time you start a new job, there are things to learn. There is training involved. A successful business person is always learning and improving in their skills.This includes attending any company events.

2. Use the Products. This one seems like it shouldn’t even need to be said but I am always amazed when I see people buy a distributor kit, then never buy a single product. I have even seen people working at building their business who have yet to buy products from the company. Really, how can they in all honesty, recommend a product they aren’t even using.

Which brings me to the next point . . .

3. Autoship – If your company offers autoship, you should be on it. Most companies allow you to change your autoship order every month.

4. Be Prepared to share information – Make up a 30 second commercial that tells who you are, what your company is, and what you do. I plan an article on that in the future. Make sure you have something to share: a brochure with your phone number and web site.

5.   Have fun. Find a way to do your business that is enjoyable to you and that fits your personal style. If you like what you are doing, people will see you enjoying yourself and will be attracted to you like a magnet.

Well, there are actually more than 5 but these are some of the most important to get started with.

Hi! My name is Melodie Kantner. I have been thinking about writing a blog about building home based business for a while. I have been working out of my home for over 14 years. The past 12 years with one network marketing company. Throughout all of those years I have studied with a variety of success trainers.

A lot of the things taught in old school network marketing just don’t fit with everyone’s style. My intent in writing this blog is to help people that are not naturally gifted in sales, build a successful home based business, particularly in network marketing – mlm, but many principles can be applied to any business.

One of the first steps for success in anything is to learn and get better. I like that quotation at the top of the page:

“Network Marketing is the best business to be in for personal growth because your business can only grow to the same level that you do.”

People who are successful in this business are always learning and improving in their skills. Attending whatever events your company offers is one way. I also recommend listening to as many audios as you can. In the beginning my favorite motivational speaker was Jim Rohn. I wore out my tapes and had to replace them on CDs. To this day I still listen to all kinds of audios to keep motivated, to learn new skills and to keep charged up about my business.

It is my hope that you will apply what you learn here and build a successful business.

Let’s get started!