Success in any endeavor, starts with a goal. The only way to have a profitable business is to set goals and take action. Do the necessary things to produce profits. An average person with clearly defined, written goals will run circles around a genius without them.

Goals and a plan are what guide you. Average people do not have a plan. They react to the economy and get caught up in worry that paralyzes them. When you are not working from a plan, you end up spinning your wheels.

Know your WHY
Part of setting up goals is to know WHY you are doing this. What do you want to accomplish?

Be Specific
Set goals that actually mean something. Don’t just set a goal that you want to earn more money. The goals must be specific and you must write them down. If your goal is income related, don’t just say I want more income. Make is specific. Let’s say, an income goal of earning $2,000 a month in your network marketing business. Set a time frame or a deadline in which you can realistically accomplish that goal. I like to set a time frame, then work to beat my time frame. If you miss your deadline, simply reset the deadline and keep working on it. Sometimes things happen that effect your timeline. If that happens, no biggie, just reset the deadline and keep moving toward it.

Set Smaller Goals as Stepping Stonesgoals1b
Once you decide what goals you have, the next step is to set small goals that are stepping stones to get you to your bigger goals. If your goal is an income amount, what are you going to do to make it happen. What daily activities are you going to do to get you there. Write down those goals too. I used to be in the habit of making a list of monthly goals every month on the first of the month. I still do that but I do it a little differently.

Make a Plan of ACTION
Make a list of all the things you will do take steps toward reaching your goal. Use as many details as possible.

How many people do you want to talk to every day or every week?
How many business cards, flyers or other promotional pieces will you give out?
How many Drop Cards will you leave?
How many postcards will you mail?
How many Wellness Reports Newspapers will you pass out?
How many Social Media contacts will you make?
How many articles will you write?
How many emails will you respond to?
How many info packets will you mail out?

How many SUCCESS MINDSET audios or books will you read?
How many training audios will you listen to?

I could go on and on here with things you could add to your plan. Be detailed, write it down, add things as you need to and keep moving. Make your plan of action, then take ACTION.

Visualize Yourself Reaching Your Goal
Visualization is very important in working toward reaching your goal. You should do some visualization every day. Try to be as clear and vivid as possible. Visualize what you will be doing and how you will act once you reach your goal. I like to lay in bed before I sleep with a bit of visualization.

A Visualization Tool I Use:
Many years ago I had the idea that I could make a check that looks like my company bonus check. A check written to me in the amount of my goal.
I made a scan of one of my bonus checks and saved it as an image template that I could update as my goal changed. My first income goal was $1,000 a month but I decided that I wanted it to look like a real number rather than a pretend check so I made it $1158.15. I printed it so I could have it visible on my desk so I could see it every day while I work. Once I reached that goal, I made another one for $2158.15. Every time I reached my goal, I made up a new check with another thousand added to it.

In the beginning, having the checks increase by $1,000 seemed easier to believe in. I won’t tell you where I am at today but that I still do this. I always have a check with my current income goal that I am working toward. Having it printed and on my desk makes it easier to visualize it.

Whatever goals you have, keep working toward them. Never give up.

Focus and Intent are really important in your successful network marketing business. First, I want you to think about what you want out of network marketing business, or whatever type of business you are working with.

Why you are building this business?

  • Do you want a little extra money each month?
  • Enough to make the mortgage payment each month?
  • Do you want to provide a full time income for your family?
  • Do you want to retire?
  • Do you want a new washer & dryer?
  • Perhaps a new car?
  • Maybe you want to fund your children’s education.

You need to know WHY you want success in this business and become laser focused on your goals. Not only that, goals become much more effective if you put them in writing.

Whatever your reason, write it down so you can see it, internalize it.

Put your short term and long term goals in writing. This is a very important step that very few people seem to realize the importance of.

    In 1953, researchers interviewed the graduating seniors at Yale University and asked them if they had a set of written goals for their lives.Less than 3% of the Yale graduates had such a list.Twenty years later, in 1973, a follow-up study was done:The 3% that had the written goals when they graduated from Yale in 1953, were worth more than all the other 97% of the class members combined.Isn’t that a truly compelling reason to sit down right now and
    formulate your own written goals?


I like the monthly goals because the keep me focused on what I need to do to get to my long term goals.

Here are a few ideas:

  • My check will be $2,000. per month
  • I will spend _________ minutes or hours on training audios or articles every day.
  • I will talk to ________ people every day.
  • I will pass out ________ drop cards or business cards per day.
  • I will work on my business for ________ hours per week.
  • I will spend ________ hours each week sharing meaningful information in Social Networks.
  • I will personally sponsor ________ people.
  • I will talk to ________ people every day.
  • I will make ________ follow up calls every day.
  • I achieve Silver by ________ .
  • I achieve Gold by ________ .
  • I achieve Platinum by ________ .
  • I achieve Diamond by ________ .

You should have target goals and action step goals to help you reach the target goals.

Set your goals, then work toward them. Adjust the goals as needed. Once you reach a $2,000. per month check, increase the goal.

I do this monthly because I need to check myself every month. I also keep focused that way & make sure I am doing the things that will bring results. Your goals will need to be changed as time passes.

One way I have been using to keep my bigger income goals in front
of me is to make a pretend check from my company. I scanned a check and then made alterations to make a check for the amount I was setting as my first income goal. Once I hit my first target, I celebrated my abundance and made another check. I have done this several times over the years. I keep the check in front of me on my desk. I see it every day as I am working.

Today I saw a post on Facebook that goes along with this idea.

This is a practical exercise in intention. When you write these checks, you are aligning your intention with the universe, signaling that you are ready and willing to receive. Doing this every month simply re-affirms that intention.

Establish Your Dreams
Make a Plan and Work Your Plan Daily
What are you willing to do on a daily basis to achieve your dreams?