EFT is a powerful tool to use along with the law of attraction. With the law of attraction, you attract whatever matches the energy or vibrations you are sending out or radiating.

Daily EFT can really set the tone for your abundance energy as you set about to do the daily tasks in your business. Not only does EFT help remove fears but it also enhances the law of attraction.

The video below is an EFT clip from my recent 30 Day EFT for Self-Esteem Challenge. It’s a mix of abundance and self-esteem tapping. Tap along with this EFT session in the morning before beginning your business day.

There are printable EFT tapping script and points chart.

EFT Tapping Clip – I am A Magnet For Abundance & Success

“I’m doing GREAT and, to my amazement, things just keep getting better!” That is the way an old business associate of mine responded when people would ask, “How are you?”  I heard him say it many times during the time I was associated with him.

I loved that response so much I started using a similar version of it. When I first heard it I noticed the lift of energy among the group. His greeting effected everyone, including me.

This was a successful network marketing leader who was radiating a great energy. I thought, “WOW, what a powerful response to a greeting we hear many times a day.”

What are the responses people give when you greet them with, How are you?”   Most of the time I hear mid to low energy responses. Maybe you’ll recognize a few of these:

“I’m fine”
“I’m OK”
“I’m good”
“Not so good”
“I’m terrible”
“Still among the living!”
“As good as can be expected”
“Still breathing”
“I can’t complain … I’ve tried, but no one listens”
“Fair to middling”

I’m sure you have heard lots of other responses. Some people will even tell you all the horrible things that are going on in their life.

Think about the principles of the Law of Attraction. What kind of abundance vibration or energy do you want to send out. Are those really the kind of responses you want to use when someone asks “How are you?”

What you speak about comes about. Hmmm.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a response like . . .
“I’m just WONDERFUL!”

Here is a funny one I heard recently:  “If I were doing any better vitamins would be taking ME!”

Try using really positive energizing words in your response.

Do you want to know a really cool thing that happens when I respond with “I’m just WONDERFUL!” or something similar?

My mood lifts a little each time I say it. Not only that but I can see it effecting the person I am talking to. They pause and smile and you can see them wondering what’s up. I have had people follow me around trying to find out why I was so happy.

Remember: To ATTRACT ABUNDANCE you need to vibrate GOOD ENERGY!!

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.”  — Zig Ziglar

There will always be obstacles but how are we going to react to them when they do arise? Will we sit down in defeat or will we make the necessary adjustments?

For many people, the economy is an obstacle.

As a leader of a large downline with many legs of group volume, I am able to see how some distributors are letting the economy effect their business in a negative way. When I talk to the ones with a dwindling group volume, they make statements like, “The economy is bad and NO ONE is buying anything!”


As I am observing my own downline with many group volume legs, I can see some leg group volumes thriving and growing. With my own eyes I see proof that your energy can affect your group volume. The ones who have a good attitude and have good abundance energy are growing. These ones see the network marketing industry as a solution to people’s financial situation. We have a solution and we care enough to offer it to people who would like to change things.

The ones that are fearful are stuck. They can’t see past the economy. They are missing that they have help for people who would be willing to help themselves. This is why they see no growth in their business and some actually give up.

Remember, network marketing can be a solution for people who want to supplement their income. Your products are also likely to be an answer to their economic situation. Your health products can help people be healthier and spend less money on doctor visits, fewer days missed of work. That is just one example.

Think about the ways your business is a help to people. Then use that to shift your attitude and your abundance energy. I also recommend using some EFT to help shift your energy toward abundance.