Whether you realize it or not, Law of Attraction is always working. The words you use and the thoughts you are thinking effect the level of success and abundance you will have in your business. It is important to release the negative emotions and keep the energy in a positive state.

A few years ago I took a course on Law of Attraction from Michael Losier. I had took a couple other courses but it wasn’t until I took Michael Losier’s course that I really understood how to make it work. One thing I learned from Michael was that you first need to figure out what you DON’T WANT. Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center of the page from top to bottom. Then, on the left side of the page, make a list of everything you don’t want in your business. When you are finished with that list, go back and look at it. Next, on the right side of the page, take each negative thing on the list and change it to what you DO WANT.

These new positive things are what you want to focus on. There are times when that can be a challenge but it is important that you focus on abundant thinking. Turn these positive things into affirmations. I like to enhance my affirmations by tapping on the EFT points as I focus on the affirmations. You can use Emotional Freedom Technique to shift your energy to a more abundant vibration.

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Michael Losier just ignited an idea for me. If you have read the his book on the Law of Attraction, you will remember how he teaches to observe abundance and celebrate it.

Observing and celebrating our abundance is a very important step in implementing the Law of Attraction in our life. I was thinking, why not reflect on and celebrate the abundance and good things we attracted in 2010.

Three Reasons to Reflect on and Celebrate Abundance:

  • 1. We train our subconscious to be aware and open to abundance.
  • 2. We give our subconscious and conscious mind PROOF of our ability to attract abundance.
  • 3. Gratitude is one of the most attracting energies. When we focus on celebrating abundance with gratitude, we really put ourselves in a super charged magnetic attracting energy.

Another book I highly recommend is Secrets of a Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. He recommends picking up pennies and celebrating that you attracted money. Every day, celebrate even the abundance that seems very small. It’s an awesome way to increase your magnetic attracting energy or vibration. Then you will be radiating abundance energy and thus, attracting more abundance.

Law of Attraction works whether we are focusing on good abundant things or even if we focus on negative bad things. What we focus on, we attract more of. If we are focusing on how bad the economy is or how high the gas prices are or whatever other negative things are going on, we turn our energy vibration into one that actually repels the good that we want to attract. So let’s focus on some good things.

2010 has been a wonderful year for me but here are a few abundant things I am grateful for this year:

My subscribers. I have several newsletters and I appreciate all of the subscribers. Some have been with me for nearly 13 years, some are new this year.

My downline. You guys are incredible!

In 2010 I became a part of the Home and Small Business Network. This is a training and resources site for any kind of business owner. The things I have learned here and can help my team with are priceless. Without a doubt the Home & Small Business Network is the most exciting thing I have done for my business in all my years in this industry. The things I have learned are impacting my business in a major way and I have experienced significant increase in my income.

I attended Internet Marketing Professional training in Connecticut with Diane Hochman and Home & Small Business Network. The things I learned there have my head spinning. Plus many conference calls and webinars.

I also met some wonderful people through Home & Small Business Network. I am so happy to know you.

I went to Hilton Head SC for an all expenses paid trip because of qualifying for Gold Level in my primary network marketing company every month out of the year 2010.

I was number 6 in the top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010. I was hoping to just get in the top 50. What a delightful surprise.

I got involved with TSA – Tribe Syndication Association where I have made several new friends. You guys are AWESOME!!!

Hey!! What great timing! I just received a package. My company has Autoship Rewards system where you get points for every dollar you spend on your autoship. I get 20% of my orders on autoship as points for free product. A few days ago I redeemed 195 points for free product totaling $195. PV. How abundant to receive free product on a regular basis. And . . . Just in time for this post. 😉

I am really grateful for the powerful mastermind group Million Mind March where I have learned to be 10 foot tall and bullet proof. It is because of the work on my self esteem that I have been able to expand my comfort zone to a new level. Because of this, I am doing things I was previously afraid to do.

Man!! I could go on with lots of things but that would take up too much space here. I plan to keep on reflecting on things for the next few days. It has been an AWESOME year!