These days, with the economy the way it is, there are more and more people in scarcity mode. Take a moment to listen when you are among groups of people. You will hear people talking about gas prices, inflation, job security, and the list goes on.

One thing that disturbs me is that I am hearing some network marketers talk from scarcity thinking. This is detrimental to your business. I have heard some say people are broke and can’t afford products.

This is NOT the time to be caught up in scarcity mindset. Don’t you realize people need what we have with network marketing? People are looking for answers. Many are looking to supplement their income. Thinking that people can’t afford to buy is pretty much insuring that you will never have any success in your business.

The network marketing industry thrives in economic down times. Smart network marketers will position themselves in front of those who are online searching for ways to supplement their income. Those who are applying Attraction Marketing will be ahead of the game.

Attraction Marketing is something I have been applying in my business and teaching my downline since I started with my primary company 14 years ago. I called it Remote Marketing. Nowadays we call it Attraction Marketing. 😉

I had used conventional network marketing in a prior company and hated it. I knew there had to be a better way. I started thinking about how conventional businesses operate. They don’t do 3 way calls on their list of 100 friends and family. They don’t stalk people in the mall. They DO promote their business with lots of free and paid advertising.

I have found that the only leads that are any good are the ones I generate through Attraction Marketing – using marketing techniques to get people to come to me.

Anyway, Now is the time to GET SERIOUS! You can’t afford the luxury of playing around at being in business. I love how Eric Worre ends his videos: Become a Network Marketing Professional and go out and tell the world because it is a stone cold fact that we have a better way!

“Early to Bed, early to rise, work like heck and advertise” — Ted Turner

There is an advertising mistake that many network marketers and home business owners make. It’s no surprise, the mistake is that many network marketers make is that they don’t advertise.

What is it you want to accomplish with your business? Whether you want to earn a supplemental income to help your family’s financial situation in a sluggish economy or you want to experience FREEDOM from working the 40 hour Work Farce, isn’t the bottom line to generate money?

The really big income earners in network marketing are masters of mass prospecting. They have a goal, they know WHY they want to have a successful business and they have a PLAN!

Part of that plan includes advertising and an advertising budget. That budget should include money you set aside to do weekly and monthly advertising.

In the beginning of my network marketing career I was in the middle of a financial crisis and money was tight. My advertising budget was $25.00 a month. I saved coins in a jar for extra money for my advertising budget.

At that time I was doing a lot of postcard mailing and putting up tear sheets and handing out flyers to people I came in contact with. Whatever I could do to get people to come to my web site or give me a call.

There are also lots of free ways to advertise but these require a large budget of your time. Social media is a way we can do that today. I the early days of my business, I didn’t know about social media. I don’t even think it was around yet. That was 15 years ago.

You can find money even in a tight budget. Sit down with your family and discuss ways you can reduce spending in areas of your life.

Here are a few ideas:

Use coupons for grocery shopping.
Reduce the size of the cable bill with a smaller package.
Spend less on entertainment and eating out.
Sell things in a consignment shop.
Sell things on Ebay.
Have a yard sale.

There are lots of possibilities. I used to watch the ground and pick up coins. I still have an ongoing joke with my husband and my son. I always tell them to watch for coins and pick them up.

On a side note:
In the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” T. Harv Eker says to pick up coins and celebrate your abundance and that you just attracted money. So, you have more than one reason to watch for coins. 😉

Whatever the type of advertising you choose to do, if you are serious about the success of your business, you will invest both time and money into advertising. I recommend a variety of both free and paid advertising. As your income grows, your advertising budget grows.

Have you ever noticed, when you go to the theater to see a movie, you can see familiar brands woven throughout the movie. Strategically placed products put there as subtle advertising. A few years ago I saw a documentary on television about advertising and how companies are actually paying to have their products placed in movies.

When I saw that documentary I started thinking about ways I could use a similar technique in my business advertising. Why not strategically place products and other items related to your business around for people to see and spark interest in your products or business.

I have been doing this for years with some really funny results. My favorite is with a line of products called “Thieves.” One of the products is a foaming hand cleaner. I place Thieves Foaming Hand Cleaner in every bathroom. People walk out of the bathroom with a smile and a question. They always want to know why it’s called Thieves.

My company has other hand cleaners but the one want to use is the one with the powerful story behind it. If your company has a product with an unusual name and a story that goes behind it, use it. When people ask questions, it is an opening to drip bits of information on them. I never start in on a sales pitch. I just drop bits of information and let them keep coming back with more questions.

Rub a Dub Dub. Is Cancer In Your Tub?
If your company has nontoxic personal care products or cleaning products, you could have those placed around. Another good idea is to have the brochure, “Rub a Dub Dub. Is Cancer In Your Tub?” sitting out where people can see it. You could also have a copy of the Material Data Safety Sheet for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate tucked into the booklet. I love to show how people manufacturing products with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are required to wear rubber suits and masks.

Other things you could place around to generate interest are company magazines, brochures about specific products and industry related books. Books related to network marketing or home business success. If you have been on company trips, have a few pictures framed and placed where people can see them.

There are loads of ideas for ways you can stimulate interest in your business or the products. Think about what you have available within your company. Place as many things around you as possible whether at work or at home in places where visitors will see things. Then be ready with something to say that may cause the visitor to want more information.

Have any of you used this technique? Do you have any ideas to add for product placement ideas? If so, why not make a comment and share what you think?

To your Success,

Melodie Kantner