Your words and your thoughts create your future. You become what you focus on. Whatever you talk yourself into as true, you will live a life that will prove it.

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep our minds and emotions focused in a way that moves ourselves toward our goals. I thought I’d share two abundance techniques that I have been using for years. They have helped me focus on the success I wanted to achieve. I still use these to this day.

The first technique is a variation of an Abundance Game idea I got from Carol Look’s Attracting Abundance newsletter a while back. It’s called the “Are You Sitting Down?” Game.

You “pretend” to leave a message on a friend or family member’s answering machine that begins, “Hi, it’s me, are you sitting down?” Then describe in detail whatever abundance story you are intending to manifest in your life. For example, it might sound something like this: “Hi Sue, it’s me. Are you sitting down? You won’t believe what happened. I was just notified that I qualified in the company sales incentive trip for this year! Not only that but I get all expenses paid for me and a friend. How would you like to join me as my guest? Call me back as soon as you can. Bye.”

Variations of this game are listed in Carol’s e-book,
Attracting Abundance with EFT.”

I have this book and I highly recommend it.

Another Abundance Game I have used many times over the course of my career:
I have written in a journal for years. Besides writing goals, things I was grateful for, things I had learned, I would also write imaginary letters to friends and family. These letters would be full of news of my successes and neat things I was doing as a result of my abundantly successful business.

I wrote these letters in two types of circumstances:

    1. Whenever someone said something disparaging about my business. For example: In the first year of my network marketing business a family member said, “Why don’t you stop selling those herbs and get a real job.” So, this woman has received many imaginary letters from me. Letters from all over the world. ; )

    2. The other circumstance that would inspire me to write a letter is when something really exciting happened in my business or just life in general. You see, It is much easier to write an excited, joyful letter about your future if you really feel the emotion. Take the emotion when you are feeling SUPER GOOD about something and write someone a letter.

Some things you could include in your letters:

  • Write letters from exotic places you would love to travel to. Write as though you are there, describe the sightseeing or the meals you are having. Always inserting a “wish you were here.” into the letter.
  • If your company has a sales incentive trip, write letters from the trip as though you already qualified.
  • Describe going on stage at convention and receiving awards for achieving higher levels in the company.
  • Reflect on how things have changed and how grateful you are for the life you are living.
  • If you picture a new house in your future, describe that.

Whatever it is that expresses success and abundance in your business and life, write about that and be as descriptive as possible telling the story of the things you will be able to do because of the success of your business. I have letters with all kinds of variations on future success that I was visualizing. Many of them have already come true for me.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of these techniques or if you have any abundance tricks of your own you want to share.

Thanks for stopping in.

Hey! We all have those, don’t we? I’m talking about emotional down times. You know the kind I mean. I’m talking about those times when we just don’t feel like doing anything. Maybe we have been through some crazy times in our personal life or with family members or maybe we are burned out because of a project that consumed a lot of time or maybe it’s all of the above. Sometimes you just get overwhelmed or just plain discouraged.

Recently I went through a one of those down times and it got me thinking about how people handle those down times. I have been in my primary company for 13 years and I have had many periods of down time. We all have ups and downs and that will be reflected in how productive we are at building our business. The important thing is not to slide backwards because of it.

The thing I want to talk to you about is what are you doing with your down time. For me, down time does not mean everything comes to a screeching halt. I ALWAYS do a few things to keep things moving forward. I have a plan of action for those times and I recommend you also have a plan in mind for those times.

Here are a few important things to keep on top of:

    1. Check Email and RESPOND to people asking questions.

    2. Return phone calls.

    3. Check in on Facebook and do minimal tasks like accepting friend requests and RESPOND to direct messages.

    4. Check in DAILY with your company back office. Keep tabs on what is happening in your business.

    5. If you have new members, you need to contact them. Even if it’s just sending an email welcome, don’t neglect that.

I have seen it often in my downline where people go through their down times and they let everything stop. If you are really serious about your business, you must not let things come to a screeching halt. You must do at least a minimal effort to keep momentum going.

Whenever I hit one of those down times I don’t let myself
stay there long. Sometimes you need a little time to take a break,
but not too long. ; )
If you take too long, it is harder to get back on track.

If you have let things come to a stop during a down time, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just pick up, dust yourself off and take a step forward.

Here are a few things I like to do to help myself out of emotional down times:

    1. Listen to music: motivating uplifting music that picks up your mood.

    2. Listen to uplifting and motivating audios. Jim Rohn audios kept me going in down times. I still listen to those.

    3. Curl up with a good book. People today aren’t reading enough. It’s really good for the mind and the emotional state and a great way to relax.

    4. Go for a walk. Do some exercise. Exercise really can help things emotionally and you just seem to feel more positive and motivated.

    5. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. If you have been reading my newsletters for any length of time, you have heard me mention EFT. It is really powerful tool in dealing with the emotional side of your business.

A couple of EFT resources I use regularly:

Click Here for the EFT Audio Series Money Beyond Belief – These EFT sessions laser focus on your energy blocks to abundance. Removing these blocks will help you build your Young Living Business. I have bought all Brad Yates audios and I have found them very powerful in shifting my energy.

More Brad Yates EFT Audios

We all have our ups and downs. It’s what we do during the down times that determine the level of success we will have. So keep at it and keep your head up.

I wish you loads of forward moving success,

Melodie Kantner

Who is responsible for your success? That’s the million dollar question that the majority of network marketers have the wrong answer to.


Some think success depends on the company – The company screwed up their product order or the compensation plan isn’t paying enough,  Or XYZ company has a antioxidant juice with a higher ORAC score, so they are on to another company in the never ending quest for success.


Some think success depends on their upline – Many times distributors have wanted to switch to my downline because their upline wasn’t helping. Occasionally I get phone calls of people interviewing me to be their possible sponsor. One woman asked me what I was going to do for her and insisted that I place people under her. Ha Ha Ha! I told her I place distributors under people who prove themselves worthy. She hung up.


People that want success handed to them will never experience success and the freedom that this business can bring.


So, What’s the Secret to Success? Baby It’s YOU!!!


You are responsible for your own success the same way I am responsible for my success. It doesn’t mater what company or product you sell or if you have a crummy upline or a really supportive upline, your success depends on YOU.


There is always a learning curve in any business. I have been in this industry for 14 years and I am STILL learning.


What amazes me is the way some distributors get into a company and act like, “I’m here! Where’s the MONEY?” Nobody actually says it that way but that’s the impression they give off. It’s like they are expecting the business to grow itself by osmosis.


YOU must learn the business. Learn about the company, its products and compensation plan. You need to get plugged into your upline’s system of supporting distributors. Subscribe to their newsletters. I have 3 newsletters for my primary company. One is for educating and prospecting toward product users. The other two newsletters are for my downline only. One is for customers and the other is for business builders. A serious professional business person will be subscribed to all three. Not only that, they will track upline and request to be subscribed to ALL support systems in their upline. 


YOU must learn prospecting and business building techniques. There are lots of people who have been successful in the business. Learn from them. Read books, subscribe to newsletters, listen to audios.


YOU must apply things you learn on a DAILY basis. Practice Practice Practice and get better at building your business.


YOU must persist.  Never Never Never give up.


My all time favorite quote: “Those who want milk don’t just sit in a field and wait for a cow to back up to them.

Success is within your grasp. Will you grab hold of it?


To Your Abundant Success,

Melodie Kantner