It is very difficult to see much of any success in business, especially network marketing, if you don’t have a really strong self-esteem. A person with below average self-esteem may be able to have a bit of success but never the real success they really desire.

Low self esteem is an issue I understand. It was a big issue for me in the beginning. When you have low self-esteem, you criticize yourself and everything you do. You can’t move forward because you are too stuck analyzing everything you do.

You often feel self conscious and uncomfortable in public situations. Not only public situations but in social situations online. You would rather be a lurker and not speak up. What if I say something stupid or do something stupid? What if I forget what I will say? What if they don’t like me? What if they flatly reject me?

You find yourself feeling like a kid in school hoping you won’t be chosen last for the sports team in gym class. Yikes! Who wants to go there again?

These feelings of low self-esteem can make us either give up on our plans for success or they can go the other way and make us into someone who is always working and fussing over little details in our business that never really help us make much progress.

I’ll confess an example in my own case. A while back I finally started making videos. Previously my self-esteem wouldn’t allow it but I got started doing it a while back. My first videos were horrible and I did not publish them. In the process of making one video, I kept redoing it. Fussing over how I should speak and the words I would use. It was not perfect. Do it over!

My self-esteem wouldn’t allow me to let someone see me make a mistake. Well, the plain and simple fact is, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES! When we show some of our mistakes we help others to relax a bit and realize that you don’t have to be perfect to be a success.

When you have a high level of self-esteem, you have the ability to laugh at yourself. You don’t beat up on yourself when something happens. A high level of self-esteem helps you have confidence in spite of mistakes. You can even take some of those mistakes and use them as teaching tools.

There are lots of ways to build self-esteem and that is why I am writing this article. I wanted to let you know about a new newsletter I am publishing. Esteem Power Newsletter is devoted to helping network marketers and business owners build self esteem using EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques and other cool resources.

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“To solve any problem, here are three questions to ask yourself: First, what could I do? Second, what could I read? And third, who could I ask? – Jim Rohn

I loved Jim Rohn. Even though he is gone, his pearls of wisdom will continue on and on.

That quote is so true, especially in network marketing. There are always plenty of upline who have been there and are usually willing to help someone in their downline who is serious about learning the business.

Learning the business involves taking responsibility and acting like a professional business person.  Professional network marketers keep up with company news and upline mentor training. They subscribe to everything their upline leaders publish. There are always distributors in your upline who have built a successful business. These are people you can learn from. What did the successful distributors in your upline do to get to where they are in their business.

I realize I am preaching to the choir. If you are reading this, you are probably not one of the people I am talking about. 

One thing that has baffled me over the years is the amount of distributors who say they want success in their business but they don’t keep up with company news and upline newsletters or conference calls. I must admit, this is one of the biggest pet peeves in my business. Many distributors don’t seem to want to spend time learning some basic skills that would help them build their business. They just think that all they need to do is set up a distributor account and then by osmosis or something they will be making big money.

If you are serious about being a professional network marketer, it is vital that you be as involved as you can in learning the business. Even though I have been in the network marketing industry for over 16 years, I am still learning.

Find out who in your upline have training materials and newsletters and subscribe to them. There are also loads of training from people who have experience. I highly recommend the Home and Small Business Network for awesome training for any type of home or small business.

So what do you choose . . .

I hope you choose Professional Network Marketer.

I have been thinking about passion in relation to business. It is really important that you have passion for what you do. If you don’t, you will find it difficult to achieve success.

In the beginning, when you first get involved with a network marketing business, there is an excitement. You see the possibilities and you feel a new sense of energy. After a while that new excitement wears off. Usually this excitement has worn off before you really get a chance to build your business up to a point where you see any real income.

This is the point where most network marketers jump ship to another program and another shot of new exciting energy.

But what if . . .

What if you stick it out and keep building your business.

What if you keep focusing on what you intend to build.

What if you keep learning and developing your skills and you get better and more comfortable as a business person.

What if that initial excitement grew into a deep passion for the network marketing industry as a whole and helping other people learn how to build their own successful business.

That is what happens to network marketers who stick with it and work on their skills.

It’s no secret that the most successful people love what they do. Once you find real passion for what you are doing, that energy begins to radiate from you in everything you do. You become like a light in a dark room. The people who need what you have will be drawn to you and you will be there to help them.

Your business can be compared to a marriage. Yes, that initial excitement of the brand new relationship is gone but it is replaced with another kind of energy. An energy of love, caring and building something that will take you far into the future.