Disciplines of Doership
How To Be 10 Feet Tall and Bullet Proof
By Joe Schroeder

Disciplines of Doership is a book I recently read and I am now re-reading it. It is a book, like “Think and Grow Rich, that I think everyone should read. It really doesn’t matter what goals you are setting out to accomplish, this is a book that will really help you get there.

From page 10 of Disciplines of Doership:
“The fact is, the subconscious mind is more concerned with what you doubt and fear, than what you pretend to “say” that you want. Ever hear the expression, “He talks a good game!” Because that’s all it is. Just talk and not the actual opinion of himself or his truest opinion of himself. Self-image is simply the truest opinion of yourself and if you change your opinion of yourself and change what you agree you are allowed to have and change WHO you agree you are allowed be, the having and receiving will change.

Period! Sounds simple, but it’s not. Why? Because most people have sacrificed themselves by living under the opinions of other people. Other people tell you how much you are worth. Other people have taught you how to react when things go haywire; you get angry and upset probably. Of course you do because you were taught and domesticated to. People think based on how other people taught them to think. What if what you thought CHANGED?

Until you lose the need for affection and validation from those around you it will be hard for things to change. Simply because so far, if you care to confess, you have lived, worked and acted based on what you allowed other people to convince you of as “truth.” But it was THEIR truth, not yours! Fair question, was their truth for you right and are you living a blessed life or cursed?

How come one guy earns $10,000 per week and another earns that in four months? How come the first guy, who makes it per week, never even went to college? The difference is attitude and self-image. Rich or poor everyone is FORCED to prove in public what they secretly believe in private about themselves is most true.”

This book teaches you how to re-program your brain, your self image and self confidence. It is a MUST HAVE for everyone who is serious about their success.

Have you read this book?