I am always amazed at some of the people who get involved with network marketing. They want freedom in their life but they seem to think that just being signed up in a network marketing company is all it takes. Are you doing these basic things to help your business success?

Failure to some may seem unacceptable. Fear of failure is often what paralyzes a person in their network marketing business or any other project they want to have success in.

Failure is actually not such a bad thing. Think about Thomas Edison. He is often brought up as an example of how we can view failure as stepping stones as we make progress.

When asked about the frustration of all his failures he responded, “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward…I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

It’s not the failure but how we react to failure that determines whether or not we will achieve success. Are we going to learn from each failure and make the necessary adjustments and keep going?

Let me make one thing clear. I am not talking about jumping from one mlm program to another. I am talking about making adjustments within the program you are working and stay with that program until you are successful.

In the beginning as you are learning to communicate about your business, you make a lot of mistakes and you don’t feel comfortable. Sometimes you feel like an utter failure, but practice makes perfect. As you get better at your business, you actually love what you are doing. People see this and are drawn to you. It is a cycle of success that grows with time and practice.

The same goes for the various types of advertising you use. There are a lot of factors that effect what kind of ads you will use. One example is direct mailing with postcards. In the beginning of building my business I did a lot of postcard mailing. I have had great success using this method. I have also seen distributors in my group fail miserably at it. The biggest reason they failed is because they mailed a batch or two of postcards and didn’t get the results they wanted so the quit. No testing different ads no adjustments were made, they just quit!

Here’s another good quote from Thomas Edison: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Success requires failure, making adjustments and finding the way that works for YOU.

I like the way Joe Schroeder says it, “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.”

So, go out and fail, knowing that you are one step closer to success.

Hey! We all have those, don’t we? I’m talking about emotional down times. You know the kind I mean. I’m talking about those times when we just don’t feel like doing anything. Maybe we have been through some crazy times in our personal life or with family members or maybe we are burned out because of a project that consumed a lot of time or maybe it’s all of the above. Sometimes you just get overwhelmed or just plain discouraged.

Recently I went through a one of those down times and it got me thinking about how people handle those down times. I have been in my primary company for 13 years and I have had many periods of down time. We all have ups and downs and that will be reflected in how productive we are at building our business. The important thing is not to slide backwards because of it.

The thing I want to talk to you about is what are you doing with your down time. For me, down time does not mean everything comes to a screeching halt. I ALWAYS do a few things to keep things moving forward. I have a plan of action for those times and I recommend you also have a plan in mind for those times.

Here are a few important things to keep on top of:

    1. Check Email and RESPOND to people asking questions.

    2. Return phone calls.

    3. Check in on Facebook and do minimal tasks like accepting friend requests and RESPOND to direct messages.

    4. Check in DAILY with your company back office. Keep tabs on what is happening in your business.

    5. If you have new members, you need to contact them. Even if it’s just sending an email welcome, don’t neglect that.

I have seen it often in my downline where people go through their down times and they let everything stop. If you are really serious about your business, you must not let things come to a screeching halt. You must do at least a minimal effort to keep momentum going.

Whenever I hit one of those down times I don’t let myself
stay there long. Sometimes you need a little time to take a break,
but not too long. ; )
If you take too long, it is harder to get back on track.

If you have let things come to a stop during a down time, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just pick up, dust yourself off and take a step forward.

Here are a few things I like to do to help myself out of emotional down times:

    1. Listen to music: motivating uplifting music that picks up your mood.

    2. Listen to uplifting and motivating audios. Jim Rohn audios kept me going in down times. I still listen to those.

    3. Curl up with a good book. People today aren’t reading enough. It’s really good for the mind and the emotional state and a great way to relax.

    4. Go for a walk. Do some exercise. Exercise really can help things emotionally and you just seem to feel more positive and motivated.

    5. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. If you have been reading my newsletters for any length of time, you have heard me mention EFT. It is really powerful tool in dealing with the emotional side of your business.

A couple of EFT resources I use regularly:

Click Here for the EFT Audio Series Money Beyond Belief – These EFT sessions laser focus on your energy blocks to abundance. Removing these blocks will help you build your Young Living Business. I have bought all Brad Yates audios and I have found them very powerful in shifting my energy.

More Brad Yates EFT Audios

We all have our ups and downs. It’s what we do during the down times that determine the level of success we will have. So keep at it and keep your head up.

I wish you loads of forward moving success,

Melodie Kantner