WOW! Another year gone by. Today, January 28th is my 13th anniversary with my network marketing company. I am reflecting on the past 13 years and remembering all the people who have come and gone.

As I briefly reflect on the ones who were once with me I feel saddened by their loss. They could have stuck with it and experienced the freedom that many of my downline enjoy. When people are fussing about how bad the economy is, I am joyful because I have this business which is actually THRIVING.

So, I BRIEFLY reflect on those no longer here and then turn my attention to those of you who remain in the quest for freedom. I want to express my gratitude for all of you who have stayed with me and are working toward your own goals. I am proud of you. It gives me such joy to see your success.

We all have our issues we have to work through. Fears we have to face head on and then step over or around. My biggest fear was being a leader. That is a HUGE fear in network marketing because if you are to be successful network marketer, you MUST be a leader.

Overcoming that fear was something I had to work on from the very beginning. I knew it would require personal growth and mindset training. To help me with that I started listening to audios and reading books that would help build my confidence. I have made a partial list for those of you who are interested.

Even with all the years of audios and working on my success mindset, I still have had a few fears I was dealing with but last year I started working with a Master Mind Group, founded by Joe Schroeder and Diane Hochman, called the Million Mind March. I am blown away by the progress I have made since joining. The last of my fears have vanished and I am doing things I said I would NEVER have the nerve to do.

The funny thing, people are noticing the change in me. Many of those people are not even involved in network marketing. I have to giggle a bit when I catch people looking at me from a distance as though they are trying to figure it out. Several people have asked me “what is going on with you.”

What is different is that I have become 10 Feet Tall and Bullet Proof. I have found the confidence that was missing. A confidence that has touched every area of my life and is changing the way I do things and lifted blocks and obstacles I thought I’d always be dealing with. All I can say is WOW!!! I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Whatever your fears are in your business, you need to work on personal growth and building a success mindset. That is a KEY to overcoming your fear. Listen to audios, read books and keep on going.

For me, network marketing is the best way to earn a living. It was worth ALL the money spent and time and effort on training and personal growth to get to this point.

I wish you all kinds of Success and Personal Growth,

Melodie Kantner