“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” – Steuart Henderson Britt

Recently I heard that over 80% of the people involved in network marketing today don’t EVER promote their business. They don’t talk to a single prospect, place a single ad or take even the smallest step beyond joining their company.

I was a little stunned at that percentage but when you think about it, that is probably pretty accurate. In over 15 years in network marketing I have seen many distributors come and go. The majority of those who went, have never really began building their business. They never even let anyone know they had a business.

In any kind of business, but especially network marketing, you need to let people know you have a business.

Advertising in a variety of ways is important but today I want you to think about your warm market. Usually when you begin reading your company’s distributor manual or introductory training you are taught to “make a list of 100 people” you will share information about your business or products. I must admit, I was totally turned off by the idea of approaching my friends and family that way so I used a different approach. I let them know I had started a business. I used products in front of them and dropped little one liners to get them to ask questions.

With the economy the way it is I recommend hitting the reset button and rethink your warm market. Many of them could benefit from supplemental income. Rather than approach everyone directly with your business opportunity, try approaching it from a different direction.

Here is an example:
You approach Aunt Mary and say, “Mary, would you be willing to do me a favor?” Mary says yes. “Aunt Mary, you know I have a home business. Well, besides the great products, I also teach people ways they can supplement their income in times of bad economy. Would you be willing to take these flyers and share them with anyone you may hear of that is looking for a way to supplement their income?”

Mary will likely be willing to share your flyers. You never know, she may be one who is needing extra income herself.

You may find an Aunt Mary who will turn into a great lead generator for you. I learned from experience. I had a relative who said she “would not sell products” but she was willing to share my flyers and business cards.

Oh, by the way, you never know where that will lead. That person who said she would never sell products is my sister Melissa. She eventually realized she could be earning money too by doing what she already did to help me. Melissa is now supported by her own network marketing business and is one of our company leaders who teaches this technique to her downline.

Approaching your friends and family this way removes the pressure from both of you. Your family member doesn’t feel like you are pressuring them and you don’t feel that negative feeling that you are putting them on the spot. PLUS, they are usually willing to help you get the word out.

I also like to use this technique for people I meet who are not family. Asking them if they know of anyone who could be helped by extra income removes a lot of pressure and makes it easier to initiate a conversation.

I like to use mini flyers that are postcard size for handing to people. Put a web site address to direct people to so they can get more information. I also recommend having a newsletter they can subscribe to. If you have a blog, make sure you are making it easy for people to subscribe to your rss feed.