When you sign up with any network marketing company, you become an Independent Distributor. As an Independent Distributor, you are the CEO or Chief Executive Officer of your own business. You are self employed and YOU are responsible for the success or failure of your business. It’s up to you.

The problem is that many people sign up with a network marketing company and think that is all they need to do. They seem to think that somehow, by osmosis, they are going to make money. There are always people hyping the “No Work Required” business opportunity. Don’t be fooled by that. There is no such thing.

Over the years I have been in this industry, I have heard many people say “Treat it like a business.” I used to say that too. Actually, I still recommend that but . . .

I also recommend you treat it like a JOB. Let me explain what I mean.

The problem with a home based business is that, since you are your own boss, you can do or not do the daily tasks that are required for business success. On a JOB, you have a daily method of operation. If you want to keep your job and thus, earn a living, you must show up for work. Not only that, you must arrive on time.

Even if you don’t feel great, you show up and put in a day’s work.

Even if you aren’t paid very well, you show up and put in a day’s work.

Even if people around you are negative, you show up and put in a day’s work.

Even if you HATE your job, you show up and put in a day’s work.

While you are on the job, you must be efficiently working and producing according to the requirements set out by your employer. If you don’t do that, you get FIRED!

Now, think about how you are functioning in your network marketing business. Would you, as the CEO of your business, hire someone who functions like you or would you fire them?

If people were to put the same type of energy and discipline in their Network Marketing business as they do in their jobs, they would be rich.

So, my recommendation is, not only treat it like a business but also . . .