I was searching the WordPress plugins for a plugin to help protect against virus links and I discovered one that checks your blog for broken links. It seemed like a good idea since this blog has been around a while and has a lot of blog comments. I had already noticed a few broken links and fixed them as I found them.

I installed and activated the Broken Link Checker plugin but I got sidetracked and didn’t notice in the Dashboard how many links were broken but today I got the email notification telling me I had 48 broken links. WOW!! That’s a LOT of broken links.

I’m glad I stumbled across Broken Link Checker plugin. A bunch of broken links on your web site or blog isn’t good for your search engine rankings. If you have a lot of broken links it looks like you aren’t keeping up with things on your blog. Search engines are programmed to take things like that into consideration when ranking web sites. They are looking for quality sites. The higher number of broken links lowers the quality of your site in their eyes.

I really appreciate that this plugin sends an email when my site has broken links. It is set to check every 72 hours but you can change that.

Most of the broken links were in comments that were made on posts. Sad to say, many people don’t take their business seriously enough to stick with it and they let their domains go. This is far too common in our industry. This is also why I am glad to have found this plugin. I thought you would appreciate knowing about it if you haven’t been using it already. 😉

Click here to download Broken Link Checker or search in your WordPress Plugins Dashboard.