Those who want milk don’t just sit in a field and wait for a cow to back up to them.” – Author Unknown

That is my all time favorite quote. I first heard it over 12 years ago on a conference call. It cracked me up back then and it still makes me smile. The illustration is so ridiculous yet so appropriate.

If you want milk you have to do something to get it. Action is required. These days you can go to the store so its pretty easy.

Sadly many people approach their business as though they were sitting in a field waiting for something to happen. I guess they are hoping osmosis will kick in and things will just happen.

They start their network marketing business with a glimmer in their eye. “One day I’ll retire from the drudgery of a job,” or “I will earn a thousand or so to supplement my income”, or “I’ll earn enough to cover a car payment.”

Remember that feeling? You learned about how network marketing worked and bought into the dream. The problem is, far too many sign up as distributors but they don’t take any action. They just wait for something to happen.

Network marketing is a business that you can fulfill your dreams. You can open up unimaginable freedom and lifestyle changes but . . .

. . . one thing is required. Well, actually a few things are required but they all require ACTION!!

Here are 3 ways to help keep yourself motivated for action:

  • 1. Know Your WHY -This is really important. Recently I heard someone say your why should be big enough to make you cry. Mine sure did. Even still I can get choked up when I tell my story of how I got started. It needs to be emotional and inspiring. Although others will benefit from your cause, it has to be about you.

    Example: My why was freedom: emotionally, financially and freedom from health problems – I was financially in trouble and I was suffering from suicidal depression. At that time I was exposed to medicinal grade essential oils. My sponsor, who knew I was in bad shape brought some oils over for me to try. Within minutes of trying an oil blend, I was lifted out of that depression to such a point that I was giggling and dancing around the house. My son came home, not knowing what had happened, asked if I was “On something.” That was life changing for me.

    Having been in network marketing already but not feeling a good fit, I realized this was the company for me. This could, not only help my husband’s health issues, but also the financial mess we were in. We live in the poorest county in Ohio, my husband had lost his job of over 20 years. He had serious health issues and had been in the hospital. We were in a desperate situation. Being over 40, it was difficult for Mark to find a decent job so we both ended up doing all kinds of things but not making ends meet.

    Freedom from all that mess was my HUGE WHY!

  • 2. Focus Daily on your WHY – When you are doing that, make sure you think deeply for a few minutes and let yourself access the emotion under it. This is VERY important. You’ll find motivation if you focus on this why EVERY SINGLE DAY. Start your day with it so you set the tone for the day.
  • 3. Take Daily Action – Read books, listen to audios and conference calls, work on personal development, use at least 3-5 ways to promote your business, etc. Learn what you need to do and do something daily.

    Even if you take small steps in the beginning, keep stepping forward and making progress. Visualize, set goals, work on personal development, learn to be a good marketer and leader. Stick to it and have a DMO – Daily Method of Operation.

    If you stick to it and keep taking action, you won’t regret it.